Five Books for the Fearless Woman in Your Life

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

February 04, 2018

How do you find a book as inspiring and as fearless as she is? Deciding whether to choose fiction or nonfiction, thriller or romance, is not an easy task. There is one thing nearly all women can appreciate though, and that is a book that motivates them and makes them feel like a badass.

To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. These are the books that inspire and motivate us to take action.

1. Lean In

Lean In is perfect for women who want practical advice about excelling in their career, in spite of gender inequalities. It is no secret that the game is, intentionally or not, rigged for males. Women are required to work smarter to stay relevant in the workforce. We were so pumped about this book we wrote our own review of it. Here is an excerpt from our article.

“It’s no secret that the playing field is uneven. Women are seen through a different set of eyes—as if estrogen will wilt the growth of business. The author discusses the obstacles women face in a positive light, rather than presenting them as a never-ending struggle. Sandberg believes that women and men who recognize workplace inequality can do the most to stop it. We agree. So, go ahead, lean in. It’s a good feeling.”

You can find this book here.

2. Drop the Ball

Drop the Ball first caught our attention when Tiffany Dufu read the first few pages of her book at a Women Leading Kentucky conference. This book is perfect for the overwhelmed woman trying to balance her work and personal life. It’ll make her laugh at just how much she relates. Dufu provides a sense of community, showing us that we aren’t the only ones facing these challenges. This book was no exception, check out our book review here!

“Tiffany Dufu pulls you in with a relatable and witty story of her struggle as a working, new mother who realizes the deck is stacked against her. Societal expectations took their toll, but the author recounts her realization that she may also be stacking the deck against herself.
Drop the Ball takes you through Dufu’s personal struggles and epiphanies that she could not juggle all of the balls—the balls being metaphors for her responsibilities—nor did she have to.”

You can find this book here.

3. Why Not Me?

Mindy Kaling has this way of mixing intelligence, pop culture, dating, and friendship in the most relatable way possible. She’s definitely a jane of all trades, if you will. The fearless woman in your life will love this book because Kaling shares with us how she pushed through in her career, in spite of the constant reminder that she didn’t fit the mold. Her story will inspire the reader while making them laugh until they cry. What else could you need?

You can find this book here.

4. Fearless and Free

Wendy Sachs provides insight on how women can pivot in their career and reinvent themselves. She explains how more women should take on the tech start-up model of “fake it til you make it” and “fail fast.” When “not acting” is what is holding you back, it’s time to face your fears. Sachs encourages badass women to sell themselves, dream big, and act now.

You can find this book here.

5. Bossypants

She will fall in love with this book from the get-go. Tina Fey’s infectious humor is in nearly every line. Not only will Fey make you cry from laughter, but she’ll also share personal stories that show you how she went from a young girl with a, seemingly impossible, dream to a comedian, director, writer, and actress. Needless to say, her dreams came true. If she loves to laugh and be inspired, this is the one. The recipient of this book will definitely be sending you some hilarious quotes.

You can find this book here.

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