How to Deal With an Unorganized Workplace

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

February 11, 2018

Are you an organized person who’s entered into an unorganized workplace? Is it driving you insane? Just wait. There are solutions.

Does any of this sound familiar?:

  • Meetings don’t run on time
  • Processes seem to fall apart (or worse, not exist)
  • Decisions take forever to be made

Whatever the result of your unorganized workplace, one thing is guaranteed: you are frustrated.

When an unorganized workplace gets you down, there are a few practices that you can implement to help get you through.

1. Offer, Explain, and Implement Changes to Help

Chances are, your unorganized workplace doesn’t see the disorganization in the same way. They haven’t realized a better solution because, as you know, when you see something every day, it’s more difficult to see possible change.

It’s not enough to realize that your workplace is unorganized and complain about it. If you truly want something to change, you have to make the effort. Offer to take the lead on coming up with a plan, explain how something will work, and then be the person to make sure that it is implemented. Be that person. Your team will thank you.

Look at this as an opportunity to quickly become an asset to leadership.

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2. Find Another Organized Coworker (Make a New Friend!)

You aren’t the only organized person in your company. Maybe you’re the most organized, but not the only one. Seek this person out. With your organization skills together, you’ll be the dream team. Plus, who doesn’t need another office friend?

Rather than focusing your time and energy on being annoyed with unanswered emails, late phone calls, and lost files…focus on keeping yourself organized and functioning. Surrounding yourself with other organized people is a great way to do this. Just because other people are unorganized, doesn’t mean that you should let that drag down your processes.

Your new, very organized, work friend will agree.

3. Embrace It

An unorganized workplace may put you on edge, but consider the alternative. An alternative may look like a workplace that values its employees less, or a workplace that has rigid policies and procedures.

Consider what created this workplace. Where does the disorganization originate? Does it come from a place of well-meaning? Does it come from a strong desire to keep from succumbing to a corporate culture?

Maybe what you are enduring isn’t nearly as bad as the alternative. Sit back and be aware of the small things you enjoy. Perhaps you have the luxury to come and go as you please, or to dress casually. Leave the negative energy behind and think of the positive.

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Is your workplace unorganized? How do you deal with it?

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