You'll Love Your New Job, Soon

Skylar Wooden and Katie Butler

November 26, 2017

Your new job holds so much promise. As soon as you saw the advertisement, you knew this was the one. You could contribute to this organization and it will be the perfect addition to your experience repertoire. In theory, in your fantasy world, it is a magical land where life is new and exciting. After all, the grass is greener. True as much of this may be, one thing remains: it’s new. You’re in for a big change and it will take some time to adapt.

Everything is new: your commute to work, the people you will be spending your time with, and the work you will be doing. Adjustments are everywhere, and you’re somewhere between chaos and comfort.

We love instant gratification as much as the next young professional, but when it doesn’t work quite that way, here are some affirmations to get you through your week:

You Took A New Job For A Reason

Once upon a time, leaving your previous job piqued your interest; there was a reason. As the sense of overwhelm settles in with your first week, you may struggle to remember the reason. You miss your coworkers, your desk was exactly the way you liked it, and you knew where the supply closet was. Now, you’re sifting through new policies and procedures and your routine is a little off. You may miss the familiar. We do too.

We cope by differentiating between ‘familiar’ and ‘good.’ You were comfortable. While comfort has its place, it’s not meant to keep you in a place forever. Don’t second guess yourself. You made the right move. Lean into it.

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You Will Find A Work Friend

As we said, we miss our coworkers, too. You had someone to make tea with in the mornings, someone to gripe to when you were frustrated, someone who would help you organize work meals. This is the hardest part. It’s usually never the job you miss, but the people. People are the most important part of any organization. Spending 40+ hours a week with anyone, is important. Of course you miss them.

You will find people in your new workplace. You’ll find people who share some of your interests. When you’re more comfortable, invite someone for coffee. They want you to feel comfortable just as much as you do.

You Won’t Be New Forever

We know it feels like you’ll be the “new guy/girl” forever. Give it a month. You’ll feel more included and more knowledgeable. The best part? They’ll hire someone new, and soon. You’re only the new person for a short time, enjoy the freedom that gives you. Ask questions, take notes, and make valuable connections.

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Change Teaches Us More Than Standstill Ever Could

Change is good. No, change is great. One of the best benefits of your job, at any point in your life, is the challenge. Humans are meant to feel challenged and to problem solve. You have the opportunity to soak in as much new information as you possibly can.

Not only are you learning about your position, but so much more. Maybe you’re in a new part of town (or a different town altogether). Maybe your coworker has an interesting hobby you’d like to learn more about. Maybe this job has traveling opportunities. Regardless, there is an unending pool of information in your new position, just waiting for you to come looking for it.

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You’ll Soon Be The One Answering Questions

Right now, you’re the question asker. It feels like you’re annoying your coworkers because you ask at least one question every half hour. You’ll move past that, and quickly. Soon, someone new will be hired. You will be the one answering their questions about the new hire process, or how to use the software. Look forward to that day; it’ll give you the boost of confidence you needed.

The Best is Yet to Come

Truly, the best is yet to come. You’re at the beginning of a journey. Just wait. New friendships, lessons, and opportunities are right around the corner. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

How did you break the ice with your new job? What gave you the comfort to flourish?

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